World War I Medals and Service Badge

(Victory Medal, British War Medal, Army Class 'B' Service Badge)

WW1 Medals

Items not shown to scale

At 11:00 am on November 11th, we pause to remember those who perished in war and to honour those living veterans who sacrificed so much to defend the culture and lifestyle we enjoy today.

The two medals pictured in obverse and reverse above - the Victory Medal on the left and the British War Medal on the right - are amongst the standard issue to soldiers of the first world war. The British War Medal was issued to Canadian forces who were present at any theatre. The Victory Medal was issued to fighting forces and to civilians under contract. The two medals are often seen together as the Victory medal was never issued alone but always with the British War Medal. The badge shown below the medals is an Army Class B Service Badge presented to members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force who served in the United Kingdom or at the front and were honourably discharged.

All three items were issued to Pte. John George North (reg. # 602965) who served with the 13th Canadian Infantry which fought at the Battle of Amiens on August 8, 1918.

Special thanks to Garth for providing the items and to Robert Kokotailo of Calgary Coin & Antique for scanning them.